The Exec

DSEP is run by an exec consisting of seven members, which is elected at a general meeting (normally the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in April/May). All members of DSEP can run for any position in the DSEP exec, but we encourage those interested in the exec to get involved in the society before running for a position.

The exec is lead by The President together with the Vice President. The Vice President is currently responsible for the work on the curriculum in the Economics course. The Secretary is responsible for the administrative work of the society, and The Treasurer keeps control of the society’s economy, including sponsorship. The Publicity Officer is responsible for the graphical work and makes sure the society is visible through social media and other platforms. The Event Officer is responsible for all the events hosted by DSEP, pluralist sessions being the most important one. The Public Education officer is responsible for the work on making economics accessible in our local community.

A more detailed description of the responsibility for the different positions can be found in the DSEP constitution. Information of the current exec can be found in this table.



Ola Helmich Borchgrevink Pedersen (22) is from Oslo, Norway and is the President of DSEP. He studies PPE in the second year.
0787 4948 015

Vice President


Sally Lanora Svenlén (21) is from Stockholm, Sweden and is the Vice President of DSEP. She studies Economics in the second year.
0737 5600 131


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 00.23.51.png

Thomas Hinson (19) is from the Lake District, England and is the Secretary of DSEP. He studies Economics in the second year.
0774 1460 676


Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 00.23.16

Arina Kalyavina (19) is from St. Petersburg, Russia and is the Treasurer of DSEP. She studies PPE in the second year.
0737 5235 793

Event Officer


Edoardo Lanfranchi (19) is from Milano, Italy and is the Event Officer of DSEP. He studies PPE in the second year.

Publicity Officer


Fabrizio Lovecchio (19) is from Bari, Italy and is the Publicity Officer of DSEP. He studies PPE in the second year.

Public Education Officer

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 16.31.29

Dan Moseley (21) is from Newcastle, England and is the Public Education Officer of DSEP. He is an MSc economics student.